Two nights ago (July 9, 2012) I had a horrible nightmare. It was a group of people were stuck in a mall in Nevada, I was one of them, and these things were chasing us. The things were a lot like zombies (except they weren't fast or slow), they seemed to dissapear. What I remember most was when we were stuck in the front of the mall, a video started playing on the flat screen and what it showed will be forever glued into my mind.

It showed gruesome creatures, that were faster then Runner Zombies, and at the same time slower then Crawlers (I have seen the movie Zombie Apoalypse so I know what I'm saying). While their skin was torn and disgusting, and rotten, I knew they weren't zombies. I just had a feeling they weren't. The video showed the things going through the mall, and they were steps away from the center and exit of the mall where almost everyone was.

When everyone saw this they started running, and of course, some of these people were getting attacked and killed by those things that kept appearing out of nowhere. I made it outside with a bunch of others (but I didn't know them, except for one who hated me), and I started running trying to steal a car from the parking lot, but I couldn't, I didn't have any materials to break the windows, and I could already hear the Police sirens, so that was a no. When I ran back (to leave the parking lot) the girl that hated me attacked me, she was growling and mumbling, and she just had unnerving white eyes.

Her friends started screaming at her to get off of me (they were confused and didn't know she was one of those things), but I managed to get her off of me, and I ran.

I ran fast speeding along. A couple was about to enter their house when I came running, panting, and nervous. I looked behind me, and I could hear the things. "Can I have a knife?" I asked the woman.

"What?" She asked.

"A knife. A huge steak knife, can I have one? Please?" I was talking fast and I highly doubted that she knew what I was saying.

She ran into her house (all the while her boyfriend stared at her, surprised), and came out with a giant steak knife, she gave it to me and I started running again. And then I opened my eyes, I was awake, but it was so quiet in my house. For the rest of the day after the dream I was nervous, crazy, and unable to smile and laugh quickly.

The scary thing about the nightmare is that a while before this one, I had a nightmare that ended fast, I only remembered how it ended... Some people were stuck in a mall in Nevada...