In a dream I had this week, I worked in a paramedic-type position, where I was sent out on jobs to help people in need. I worked for a private company, sort of like Life Alert, as I drove a private vehicle, and not an ambulance, so I wasn't employed by the city.

One job I got sent out to led me to a literal hole in the ground, being rectangular-shaped, as it was a few feet high by several feet wide, and it was protected by a cheap aluminum roof. It looked like you could just crawl a few feet underneath (I couldn't see very well, since it was dark) and then fall quite a ways down; I had the feeling it was a 20 foot or further drop.

I yelled down the hole, saying that we received a call for help. A voice replied back, although it seemed to be a recording, rather than a live person, being broadcast over a PA. It said that, on my way to finding them (which made it sound like this was an underground maze of corridors and all), I would run across the skeletons of 100 people and chickens. I don't recall exactly what it said next, but it was something to the effect of not to mind the skeletons, as if I helped the person then no harm would come to me. I turned and ran the hell out of there as the recording continued, thinking that another hole would open and swallow me up or something would pop out of the ground and grab me, but I made it to my car and got out of there.

I went back to work to tell my boss to send the police to that site, but was told another call had come in in the meantime, which was right outside the office. Another hole was right outside the office, although it was bigger and seemed to be an abandoned mine shaft, which had a pulley (the first hole didn't seem to have a way out of it). The place was only sectioned off by police tape, which someone had broken through it and fell down the shaft. I was wondering why *I* had to help this person, as it seemed more like a job for the fire department, especially since two people standing by the shaft looked just like John and Roy from the 1970s show Emergency!

So, still doing my job, I called down to the guy asking him if he needed any help. His left hand twitched in response, so he was still alive, although it looked like he might have hung himself with the pulley rope; I wasn't sure since it was dark, but I could still somewhat see down there though.

The dream either ended there or I woke up.

Darrylb500 (talk) 23:26, December 20, 2013 (UTC)